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Testimonies of the Sperry missionary family through the years

Chuck and Regina Sperry called to Honduras


In 1992, Regina and I felt that the Lord wanted us to prepare to go into the missionary field again. We began to pray and fast about where, when and how. We began investigating the possibility of going again to China to teach English and share Jesus Christ and His Word. We were approached by a number of organizations, but we never felt the confirmation of the Holy Spirit that this was what the Lord had planned for us. For the next year we continued to pray and fast to know the Lord's will for us.


In January of 1993 we received a completely unexpected phone call from Gary Metzger asking if he and Socorro Vasquez could come visit us. We invited them to come for supper. After supper, Gary and Socorro began sharing their experiences in the missionary work in Honduras and that there was a great need for missionaries to not only come down to Honduras to visit, but to live there permanently with the people. We then shared our experience of having felt the call to go into the foreign mission field again.


Gary invited us to pray with him and Socorro about whether or not God wanted us in the mission field in Honduras. He said that they would love to have us come down there to live and do missionary work. For almost a year we prayed and fasted about whether or not the Lord wanted us to be missionaries in Honduras. Finally after receiving a number of confirming testimonies, late in 1993 we began preparations to leave for Honduras. It took us almost 2 years to sell everything and get everything in order and so in October 1994 we left for Honduras.


Charles Sperry  1994


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