Newsletter- October 2002


The Lord is so good!  Our trip to the Mexican border went well. We stopped in Dallas to visit some of Chuck’s relatives.  We were able to sleep in beds and get some good food.  Once we got to the Mexican border we passed as tourists.  This was a blessing.  Usually if you tow a trailer traveling to a Central American country you have to go as trans migrants.  This made it possible for us to travel without as many restrictions. 

After 4 full days of driving we made it to Honduras on Saturday Sept. 21. It was about 10am.  It took 4 hours at the border to complete the paper work.  While at the border, Chuck asked one of the officials if the road from Sta. Rosa de Copan  to La Esperanza was paved.  He said that it was all paved except for about 4 miles.  This road cuts off about 2 hours of drive time so we would have gotten home at about 4 pm.


As we drove down the paved road, we were excited to think that in a few hours we would be home. After several miles of driving the road turned into dirt and rock.  This must be the 4 miles without pavement that the man had told us about.  The road was terrible.  Chuck could only drive about 10 miles per hour.  We drove on hoping to see pavement, but never did.  If we had turned around at this time we would have had a 6 hour drive to get home.  It was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon.  We decided to keep going.  By nightfall I became concerned.  We had driven high into the mountains and there were very few houses.  Driving at night could be dangerous.  We asked the Lord, “Why did you want us to come this way?  There has to be a reason.”  At about 7 pm we drove into a small village.  Chuck asked a young man who was driving a large truck how long it would take to get to La Esperanza.  They said it would take us about 3 and a half hours more! At this moment an older man came up to the truck.  I rolled down the window.  The man asked if we needed some help.  I told him we were going to La Esperanza, but that it was late and we were looking for a place to stay. 


He invited us to park the truck in his yard and stay the night.  We accepted the invitation.  His family was very nice.  They said that they had only seen American children on TV.  We were impressed by Mario Perez and his family.  He likes to read and  enjoys carrying on intellectual conversations.


 One of his sons was very interested in  fencing.  Chuck and Charles enjoy this sport.  They were able to show him some moves and have a good time, while Mario’s wife, daughter, Elizabeth, and I worked on making some dinner.  After dinner, Mario asked  Chuck to give a scripture class.  As I sat in the class I felt the Lord’s gentle touch.  This was the reason He led us down this road.  It was for Mario and his family.  There is a joy in sharing that one can not explain.  This is what the work here is all about.


Three weeks later to our surprise, Mario showed up at our house.  He stayed for the weekend.  Mario was able to worship with our family and the congregation in Siguatepeque.  Some of his family plan on coming to visit us in December.  Please pray for this family.


In  Siguatepeque  the  bus ministry is on hold because the transmission has quit working.  Finances to fix it are not available.  We are looking for a volunteer who knows about automatic transmissions to come from the States and help.  Any volunteers?  The congregation is able to make the money for the taxes and general upkeep of the bus, but this problem with the transmission was not expected.  The mechanics here do not know how to work on automatic transmissions.


Although we do not have a bus functioning, there is one new family that is attending church and receiving cottage meetings.  In the next few months there will be 5 more baptisms here in Siguatepeque.  There will be 2 baptisms this month in Horcones.


About 3 years ago Chuck had an experience where the Holy Spirit told him that Angel Castro would be called to the ministry, but He didn’t tell Chuck when or to what office.  Two years ago while Gary Metzger was here on a visit, he told Chuck that he felt impressed that Angel had a calling to the ministry.  He also didn’t know to which office nor the timing.  Well, shortly after our return, Chuck had an experience where he was led to have Angel read 3 Nephi 8:32 in church. While he was reading the scripture, the Lord’s Spirit spoke to Chuck and told him that the scripture applied to Angel.  (Behold one of you will be ordained, and to him will I give authority to break bread and bless it and give it unto the people of my church...).  Afterwards, when Chuck talked with him about it, he told Chuck that about a month ago he had a dream in which Chuck asked him to come up to the pulpit and preach.  As a result of this dream, he realized that he would be ordained to the priesthood sometime.  Others also testified of the validity of his call.  His name was then presented to the congregation for their approval and he has now been ordained to the office of priest just this last week. 


The ministers of Honduras have decided to have a family camp.  We are inviting church members from Mexico and Belize to attend also.  It will be the 3, 4, and 5 of  January (first weekend).  We will be using the La Buena Fe campgrounds.  If there are any of you who feel led to come and help with recreation or crafts etc.  please contact Dan Norman or Jon Tandy. 



Prayers:  Mario Perez family- accept the gospel,  Ismael and Maruja – He is reading the book of Mormon, The Toledo family - will come to know Jesus Christ, Bus in Siguatepeque- get it fixed.


May the Lord set our hearts on fire, and show mercy to all nations.  We pray that the Lord’s spirit will be in each of  us showing the way till His work on earth is done.


God Bless Each of You,

Chuck & Regina Sperry and family